MyPerks® membership

Easily save $100’s to $1,000’s per year at the places you know and love. No pre-paying, deals that don’t expire in hours, exclusive offers — just one low price annual membership!

fundraising with MyPerks®

Give your organization a quick and easy way to raise money online. Whether you’re a sports team, school, non-profit, or corporate fundraiser, we can setup a MyPerks® fundraising campaign specifically for you.

what is MyPerks®?

it’s about discounts

Venngo is Canada’s leading provider of group discount programs. We provide discount programs to some of Canada's leading organizations. Now our entire range of perks is available to you and your family. We are excited to introduce you to MyPerks®.

new perks all the time

New perks are added every day. And best of all, you don't have to pre-buy and the deals don't expire within hours. It's just about perks — ready to use when you need them. See how much you could be saving with a MyPerks® membership.

Whether it’s a brand name store, or the local shop around the corner, you can save on everything from travel and shoes to tickets and dining, at the places where you already shop.

Today, MyPerks® provides you real discounts from a growing list of over 1,200 brand name merchants and local shops, accessible through mobile apps and online including...

avg savings $150/purchase

avg savings $20/night

avg savings $200/procedure

avg savings $4.24/ticket

avg savings $150/booking

avg savings $10/visit

avg savings $30/purchase

avg savings $1000's/car

avg savings $20/purchase

perks and/or discounts may not be as shown, and are subject to change without notice.

more choices

From apparel and cars, to computers and travel — MyPerks® has something for everyone. We are Canada's leading provider of brand name discounts and our list of participating companies continues to grow. We are constantly bringing on new perks to increase the value of your MyPerks® membership.

real deals

We make sure there is a great offer attached to every perk. Poor perks diminish the value for everyone, so we are always looking to ensure the offers are as good as they can be. In fact, we'll remove a perk that doesn't meet our high standards. See how much you could be saving with a MyPerks® membership

With MyPerks® you can expect:
  • significant discounts from brand name stores and local shops
  • always available — 24/7 access
  • a growing list of over 1,200 perks
  • no need to pre-buy to save money
  • deals that don't expire within hours
  • perks that are available when you need them

With MyPerks® you can easily save $100's or even $1,000’s, a year.

how much does MyPerks® cost?

A standard MyPerks® membership sells for only $49.99/year.

the perks are always growing

MyPerks® has something for everyone and we are constantly bringing on new discounts to increase the value of the MyPerks® membership. You can even suggest the discounts you would like to see using the available “suggest a perk” online tool. We are sure you will instantly see the value in your MyPerks® membership and look forward to renewing year-after-year.

who can use MyPerks®?

MyPerks® has something for everyone, with exclusive savings on a wide range of products and services nationwide. Today MyPerks® offers a growing list of discounts from over 1,200 brand name stores and local shops from coast-to-coast.

incredible discounts and deals

We have infused MyPerks® with a tantalizing selection of top name products and services. Our growing audience enables us to negotiate deals and discounts that these companies traditionally reserve only for their best, high-volume buyers.

Let's see how much you could be saving every year with a MyPerks® membership...

 when going...
You could be
saving up to...
$0 /year

Savings calculations based on average spending for a family of four. Actual results will vary depending on use.


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