what is MyPerks® fundraising?

MyPerks® is an innovative fundraising program that let’s you quickly raise money by giving your fundraising supporters year-long access to valuable discounts from a growing list of over 1,200 brand name stores and local shops —redeemable at over 6,000 locations. With a MyPerks® membership, you are providing your fundraising supporters with exclusive savings on everything from tickets and restaurants to hotels, computers and much more.

  • Raise more by offering value
  • No money upfront
  • No inventory
  • No distribution
  • No door-to-door sales
  • Easy-to-sell
  • Kid safe
  • Earn thousands

MyPerks® gives your organization a quick and easy way to raise money online by providing your fundraiser supporters with valuable discounts at the brand name stores and local shops they love to visit.

a great new way to fundraise

No other fundraising program can so easily bring real value to your supporters. A standard MyPerks® membership sells for $49.99/year. By purchasing through your MyPerks® campaign, fundraiser supporters will pay only $39.99/year (a 20% discount) and can expect to save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars a year using their membership. In turn, your organization earns $15 (over 37%) for every membership sold — earning your organization potentially $1,000’s in profits.

easy, fast and safe

We have made getting started with your campaign as easy as possible. With MyPerks® there are no setup fees, no upfront costs, no inventory and no door-to-door sales. We setup the program, provide you with the promotional kit to get your volunteers started, collect the money, report on sales, and send you a cheque once the campaign has closed.

raise more by offering value

No more selling products nobody wants. Your volunteers will feel great knowing that they are offering a truly valuable product. Your fundraiser supporters can expect to save $100’s, or even $1,000’s, a year using their MyPerks® membership with discounts on the products and services they use every day including movie tickets, restaurants, electronics, clothes and more.

Your organization is guaranteed to earn $15 (that’s over 37%) from every MyPerks® membership sold — earning you potentially $1,000’s in profits.

MyPerks® vs. Chocolate Bar Fundraising
MyPerks® Chocolate Bars
Number of Volunteers 15 15
Supporters per Volunteer 10 50
Profit per Supporter $15 $1.50*
Amount of $'s Raised $2,250 $1,125
MyPerks® raises twice as much for your organization with 1/5th the work!

* based on average fundraising chocolate bar sale.

Whether you’re a sports team, school, non-profit, church, or corporate fundraiser, we can setup a MyPerks® fundraising campaign specifically for you.

expand your fundraising reach

With simple online promotions using email and Facebook — and a product that reaches from coast-to-coast — you can easily expand your fundraising reach to include friends and family nationwide.

kid friendly and kid safe

A MyPerks® campaign is safe for youth of all ages. We have eliminated the need for door-to-door sales, selling in front of the local grocery store, or delivering products. MyPerks® can be completely promoted and managed online.

campaign tracking and rewards

We provide reports on the progress of your campaign to let you know how much money has been raised, and who in the group is doing the best job fundraising. On the close of the campaign we award your highest earning fundraising volunteer a prize from one of our vendors.

secure and safe transactions

All of the fundraising money is securely collected online. MyPerks® is operated on a secure PCI-compliant website. We have partnered with third party payment provider Moneris to securely process all donations through industry standard SSL encryption.

renewable fundraising revenue

MyPerks® memberships expire after one year. We are sure your supporters are going love the program and saving money on their day-to-day expenses. To ensure you receive your renewal money, make sure your team has a campaign scheduled each consecutive year and continue to earn money for each renewal.

leverage the discounts for your organization

Whether you’re a team needing to travel for a tournament — hotel resevations and restaurants can be costly — or a school wanting to cater an event, we are sure there are discounts available within the program to save your organization money.

it’s a green way to fundraise

No catalogues. No packaging. No delivery trucks. Simply email your campaign or share on Facebook with your friends and family. They can then conveniently support your program securely online.

we are the leading provider of group discount programs

Venngo is Canada’s leading provider of fully managed discount programs for employee, member and customer-based groups. For over 14 years we have provided exclusive discount programs to some of Canada’s most prestigious organizations including; Scotiabank, Loblaw, TELUS, Purolator and Magna. Today, over one million consumers from across the country trust our promise to get them the best deals and discounts from brand name stores and the local shops in their neighborhood.

pile of perks

Check out the MyPerks® program today with a 5 day money back guarantee.

Buy a MyPerks® membership today to check out the value of the program. If you like the program and decide to start a fundraising campaign, we’ll simply add the sale to your campaign.

If your organization signs up to manage a fundraising campaign with Venngo, your MyPerks membership purchase will be converted to a campaign sale, and the appropriate commission will be paid. Within 5 days of purchase, you can request to have your membership cancelled and receive 100% of your money back.